Mental health and wellbeing buddying at the Broomwood CWC

If you are interested in becoming a wellbeing or peer support volunteer at the Broomwood Community Wellbeing Centre fill in the form below. For more information, contact Mike at, or by calling or texting 07445 817485.

Volunteer Form

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We would prefer that you can offer at least two sessions each week.  This can be discussed during our first meeting

As a first step of this process we require you to disclose any criminal convictions you may have, including those considered 'spent' under the Rehabilitation of Offenders act 1974, or any police action pending. Please be assured that disclosure of a criminal conviction will not necessarily prejudice your application. If you do not have any convictions please write ‘none’ in the space provided

Please provide the names, positions, addresses and telephone numbers for two people whom we may contact as references for you.